An interesting Relocation Support App by MOVE

A recent approach by a recruiter introduced me to a new relocation support tool by MOVE Guides. While diving into their bright engaging website I was impressed not only by the simplicity it reflects for all stakeholders in the relocation loop, but also by the promise it holds for independent roamers.MOVE Guide

In a catchy infographic video MOVE Guides describe a seamless application which ties together the various entities involved in the relocation task.  A ‘spider web’ which connects together HRs on both ends, finance specialists, moving companies, real estate agents, and in the midst of it all – the employee with its family. Everyone connected, and everyone can easily access the app from their various endpoints, following simultaneously the streamline of the move.

Such apps have already been introduced by other companies before, and although MOVE’s app has a fresh innovative look and a promise of increased simplicity, the real strength of it seems to be lying in what MOVE define as the ‘Talent Mobility Cloud’. A virtual arena for all service providers to where only ‘the best and the brightest’ gain access.

In their video MOVE describe a cloud full of goodies for the relocating employee – trusted service providers, transparent supplier costs, full delivery reports, information relocation guides and destination city descriptions. Everything that can facilitate the making of good valuable decision. Saving both funds and pain for all parties involved.

To my understanding the Talent Mobility Cloud is currently offered only as part of a fully bundled relocation package. One that suits companies who relocate various numbers of employees. And yet the current relocation realm is increasingly based on independent ‘roamers’. Those who choose a spot on the globe, aim their resources, reach out, grab a job offer, and transfer. All on their own or with the minimal support of an independent relocation specialist.

I believe that MOVE’s Talent Mobility Cloud and App (with some minor changes) could serve those independent relocators as a one stop shop for all their relocation needs. Hopefully MOVE will consider adopting this direction and opening their doors to those independent roaming users and to us, the relocation specialists who support them along the way.

By Dr Taly Goren, a long time traveler between nations and continents,
Relocation Specialist, Parents Groups Facilitator,
mother of two adolescent TCKs, 
and the wife of a Hi-Tech Expat frequent flyer.