Roots and branches – parenting Third Culture Kids

RootlessBranchAs parents of Third Culture Kids we are constantly asking ourselves what is it that we’re giving our kids, and often – what is it that we’re taking away from them. The question of roots and sense of belonging is one that keeps rising in every conversation between expat parents. Where would our kids belong at the end of the day, will they feel connected? Where are their roots? And if they loose them, would they become rootless? Unstable?

In a way, Philippino artist Michael Cacnio suggests an answer to this question. To me, his beautiful piece – ‘Time together’, reflects the idea of us, parents, as the moving roots for the branch of our kids. Even if unconnected to a solid trunk and set to the ground, our children will always be hanging on the strong support we provide them. And we, as the holders of their branch, are in charge of providing them with a strong cultural identity.

How do you see your role as a parent of a Third Culture Kid? Please share your thoughts as you reflect on this beautiful sculpture.