Family Visa Application Challenges
Modern family structures call for creativity from visa application teams. The following story reveals some of the challenges in fitting new family constellations into the old, rigid forms of visa applications. The story of Nicola started like any other family relocation. Making my first call I met a nice guy on the other side of the line; looking forward to his family’s coming move from Switzerland to Singapore and excited to find out how to best kick off this adventure. Nothing in the call prepared me to what was coming, and with my Singaporean past we embarked on a lengthy […]

Visa application challenges for the Modern Family

I first heard the term TCK while riding in a Singaporean taxi. It was shortly after we landed in this new country and the term flew by my ears like a breeze. Interesting… Could it be related to my kids? Not sure. One day I should look into it… Back in those days we were at the midst of our move from Israel to Asia. We already had quite an experience in moving between countries. A decade earlier we started our journey in the US, had our two American citizen kids, moved to a two-year relocation in Australia, and then went back to […]

What is TCK after all?